What is RedTeamWx?

RedTeamWx transforms meteorological data into creative software customizations/visualizations, drawing upon 15 years of professional experience/public service in the field of Meteorology and over a decade of field experience chasing severe convection in the central plains and tropical cyclones along the southeast coast. RedTeamWx products are freely accessible and regularly used by thousands of meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, including students and faculty at a number of universities and educational institutions, emergency managers and key decision makers (local, state and federal), military and government forecasters, broadcast meteorologists, businesses, non-profit organizations, skywarn spotters, and storm chasers. It is an honor to know that RedTeamWx has been embraced by so many in the meteorological community.

Looking for Feedback

** Placefile Feedback ** For those that regularly use RedTeamWx placefiles and would like to provide some feedback, I'm interested in the following: (e-mail responses to brandon@redteamwx.com)

(1) How/why do you use them, and what do you use them for?

(2) Are you a meteorologist, hobbyist, enthusiast, chaser, decision maker, other?

(3) What's your line of work?

RedTeamWx Server Migration

** More-or-Less Back ** As of August 01, 2020.. Most content (i.e. placefiles) are back online. Some placefiles have been temporarily disabled/removed, however, the majority of placefiles (particularly the looping METAR placefiles) are up and running.

Placefile Incompatibility with GR2A 2.9x

** Maybe Resolved? ** As of June 18, 2020.. the majority of METAR placefiles should be compatible with GR2.9x versions (and backward compatible -- to a degree) with older versions. We'll see...

Reminder: There is no guarantee that RTWX placefiles will always be available or that the data displayed therein will always be up-to-date and/or correct. Additionally, these placefiles are in continual development and are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Looping Buoy Placefiles

*** Experimental *** (Incomplete and/or Buggy)